A 21st century Renaissance Man, Ferdinando is a real magical individual!
Philippe Petit, Academy Award Winner for Man on Wire
I love the work of Ferdinando! He combines the principles of experience design with the art of magic to cast a spell over his audiences and classes.
Joseph Pine II, Co-author of The Experience Economy
Ferdinando is a true inspiration. His passion and obsession are contagious. I’m standing in awe.
Tina Seelig, Stanford University, Best-selling author of inGenius
There is nothing short of elegance in store when you go to see Ferdinando perform: you will leave with a smile on your lips, a chill on your skin and a bolt of awe in your eye. 
Maja D'Aoust, White Witch of L.A. Co-author of Secret Source
Ferdinando is our secret weapon. He produces amazing and documented results, no matter the country or culture, in the areas of strategic selling, team building and management development. Ferdinando uses his highly developed interpersonal, teaching and business skills to unify teams and help our managers produce creative solutions to the toughest problems.
Tim Gaffney, Managing Director Glenair International
Ferdinando has an impish smile, which indicates, correctly, that his magic will be fun. Ah, but behind that smile is an insightful understanding of how and why mystery is such an important part of our lives.
Max Maven, Mentalist
virgolette Most stage magicians produce wonders with little more than a smirk or a "Wow!" Not Ferdinando Buscema. In addition to his infectious warmth, his artful conundrums and his consummate showmanship, Ferdinando uses magic as a portal into consciousness itself: the nature of perception, the spells of language, and the cosmic power of astonishment
Erik Davis, Author of Techgnosis
Ferdinando is no ordinary stage magician.  While his sleight-of-hand elegance thrives beyond all standards, it is his sleight-of-language that reveals his ultimate mastery.  Buscema is a man who understands the Mind and its entrapments and through his stage magic reveals its countless trapdoor limitations, taking you a long way into awe-stricken wonderment.
William Michael Nourse, Hollywood screenwriter
Ferdinando is the perfect entertainer for a thinking and smart audience.
Kary B. Mullis, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1993)
virgolette Ferdinando has been able to bring back the noble profession of magic into the 21st century. As he practices this demanding art, he aims not just to entertain, but to use illusion to provoke reflection on how we see and interpret the world. In other words, he is a philosopher - or psychologist - who shows us concretely the limits of our everyday understanding of reality. And he does so in a way that is both elegant and amusing. One wishes all learning was as enjoyable, and all enjoyment as profound.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Author of Flow and the founding father of Positive Psychology